The start of the event is located in front of the tourist center Rauhalahti (at Kartanonkatu) and the finish is at the spa hotel Rauhalahti (at Katiskaniementie).

Track info (during one lap)

The route is mainly paved with asphalt.

There is approx. 1.9 km of dirt road (0.781+0.164+0.264+0.724 km)


Direct 85%

Downhill 7%

Uphill 8%

DRINK POINTS during race

1. Sawohouse sports drink/wate

2. Satulesepänkatu sports drink/water

3. Särkiniemi School sports drink/water

4. Lap maintenance before the start + OWN MAINTENANCE sports drink/water and a tuc salty biscuit

YOUR OWN SERVICE: bring your own bottles in front of the Rauhalahti tourist center narika AS APPOINTED - 15 min before your own start

Marathon at 8:45

Half marathon 10.45

10 km run at 11.15

In the goal service

Olvi Teho Sport protein drink (0.3l)

Olvi sparkling water (0.5l)

Teho Sport energy bar50g)

Tuc salty biscuit

Sports drink/water