Am I allowed to run in the walking series?

-Yes, and you are also allowed to walk in the running series. The only functional difference is that only the running series are timed.

What does team sign-up mean?

-By signing up as a team you can participate together with your co-workers, friends or your sports organization. By signing up as a team you can choose to pick up your participant numbers and chips in the same bag, but you don't all have to run in the same series or move as a group. Signing up as a team is a great way to boost team spirit, and the size of the teams isn't limited, so you can bring your whole company or sports club with you!

Is the route challenging?

-Depends on what you are used to. The 2016 route has some mild uphills, but is mostly flat with great views of the lake and other sights around the Kuopio area.

Is there an age-limit?

-Not officially. We recommend that younger participants take the 10km route, that have series for 13, 15, and 17 year olds.

Can I bring my own drinks?

-Yes. There are refreshment points every 3 km, equipped with Squeezy-sportsdrinks, water, and picklesm and participants in the running series may have their chosen refreshments placed in the refreshment point of their choice along the route by writing the km number of the refreshment point in their bottle and deliver it to the info-stand next to Kuopio-Halli before the race.

How are the distances marked along the route

-Every kilometer is marked exactly and the signs can be seen along the route.

Can I sign up on the spot?

-Yes, an hour before the start of the series.

Is there a time limit?

-6 h