Rauhalahti Kuopio Marathon 3.9.2022

Rauhalahti Kuopio Marathon is a traditional running event at the hub of Mualima in Kuopio. The officially measured distance and route will be published in May 2022!

The event will run on the quarter marathon route. The route runs and meanders through the stunning scenery of Rauhalahti.

Entry price includes:

  • race number, and timing
  • first aid along the way,
  • drink service along the way and at the finish,
  • entry medal
  • shower at tourist center Rauhalahti (at Kartanonkatu) 

Spa visit in Rauhalahti at a separate price of 8 € (normally 14 €) against the running number (valid until September 2021)

Prices 2022

Before 31.7.20221.8. - 3.9.
Marahton (4 laps)50 €60 €
Half marathon (2 laps)40 €50 €
10 km run  (1 lap)30 €35 €
Youth 10 km run (1 lap)30 €35 €
10 km walk * (1 kierros)20 €25 €
Marahton-relay (4x 10 km)120 €140 €

Series 2022

The participant is automatically placed in the age group according to the date of birth. Those under 40 are automatically placed in the general category. You can receive a prize for the series you have registered for.


  • Yleinen M/W
  • 40 M/W
  • 50 M/W
  • 60 M/W

Marathon-relay (4x 10km)

  • Everyone participates in the same series

Half marathon 

  • Yleinen  M/W
  • 40  M/W
  • 50  M/W
  • 60  M/W

10km run 

  • Yleinen M/W
  • 40 M/W
  • 50 M/W

Youth 10 km run

  • 15 M/W
  • 17 M/W

10 km walk*

You can walk or nordic walk

*no timing


Race office, number pick up

Race office is a spa hotel in Rauhalahti, Minneapolis cabinet (downstairs, spa floor).

Spa hotel Rauhalahti, address: Katiskaniementie 8, 70700 Kuopio

You can pick the number by showing QR-code (check out your e-mail) or by name.

You can pick up your number:

on Friday 2.9. from 17:30 to 21:00

on Saturday 3.9. from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m

Pick up your running number an hour before your own start. We strongly recommend to pick up your race number on Friday!


Start and Finish

The STARTof the event is located in front of the tourist center Rauhalahti (at Kartanonkatu) 

FINISH is located in front of the spa hotel Rauhalahti (at Katiskaniementie)



at 9:00 a.m

Marathon relay 4 x 10 km

at 11:00 a.m

Half marathon


at 11:30 a.m

10 km run

10 km walk (not timed)

Youth 10km run


Rewards from or as soon as the top three in the series finish

at 12:30 p.m

at 1:00 p.m

at 1:30 p.m

The award ceremony is at the spa hotel in front of Rauhalahti.


At 16:00

The finish line closes


Race number

The race number is personal and may not be passed on to another person. Attach the serial number to the front so that it is easy to read. You may not participate in a race without a race number. You cannot enter the start and finish area without a run number.

Drink service and toilet

Drinking points are located about 3 km apart

  1. Sawohouse sports drink/water
  2. Satulesepänkatu sports drink/water
  3. Särkiniemi School sports drink/water
  4. Lap maintenance before the start + OWN  DRINKS /sports drink/water and a tuc cookie

OWN DRINKS: bring your own bottles in front of the Rauhalahti tourist center in equipment storage 15 min before your own start

  • Marathon at 8:45
  • Half marathon 10.45
  • 10 km run at 11.15

At finish

  • Olvi Teho Sport protein drink (0.3l)
  • Olvi sparkling water (0.5l)
  • Teho Sport energy bar (50g)
  • Tuc cookie Sports drink/water
  • Banana Sports drink:

We use TEHO SPORT sports drink (flavor: orange-tangerine)

Toilets and hand washing facilities

Travel center in Rauhalahti, next to the equipment storage

Near the start

The toilets of the Rauhalahti spa hotel in finish


Tourist center in Rauhalahti. There is traffic control in the area. Address: Rauhankatu 5

Equipment storage

Equipment storage is located in the outdoor tent of Rauhalahti Summer Theater. You can leave your belongings in a guarded equipment storage at your own risk. 

The entrant must affix their serial number sticker to their backpack or bag with a cable tie before storage. The goods will be returned only against the running number.

The organizer does not take responsibility for lost goods.


We have a high-quality Ultimate Sport Service timing system. The timing chip is attached to your running number. Do not tear the timing chip away from the running number. The run number does not need to be returned.

The Runner's Start Time is registered when the Runner exceeds the stopwatch sensors in the start area.

The runner's finish time is registered when the runner crosses the finish zone timing sensors.


Results and live tracking

You can access live monitoring via this link

In live monitoring, the results are announced:


  • 10.55 km
  • 21.1 km
  • 31.6 km
  • 42.195 km FINISH

Half marathon

  • 10.55 km
  • 21.1 km FINISH

10 km run

  • 10.55 km FINISH

You can download Ultimate's app to your phone, where you can follow the results in real time

Google Play

App Store


Each participant will receive a medal at the finish. There are prizes for the top three in the series. There will be no awards ceremony at the event.

Access to images and videos from the event

The event will be filmed by the organizers. The organizer has free access to the pictures and video recordings taken during the event. By participating in the event, you accept the terms.

First aid

First aid is available at the start and finish. First aid is also available along the route if needed.


Participants are not insured by the race organizer. Everyone participates in the event at their own risk.


Please note that the participation price does not include meals. There is no catering provided by the organizer.


We recommend the participant to use the washing facilities of their own accommodation.

You can use shower at tourist center Rauhalahti (at Kartanonkatu) 

Spa visit in Rauhalahti at a separate price of 8 € (normally 14 €) against the running number (valid until September 2022)

YouTube-videon näyttäminen ei onnistunut. Tarkista markkinointievästeiden hyväksyminen ja selaimen yksityisyysasetukset.

How to get to Kuopio?

City of Kuopio is located in Eastern Finland. Rauhalahti is 9 kilometres from Kuopio. You can reach Kuopio easy by plane, by train or by car. 

By train

Kuopio railway station is located right in the city center. From Helsinki to Kuopio, the jorney takes 4 hours and runs daily. You can also take train from Turku, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Rovanniemi and many other cities. Rauhalahti is 9 kilometres from the station.

Train tickets and timetables to Kuopio


By bus 

Kuopio bus station is located next to railway station.  Bus connections to Kuopio are both from the souht and from the north.  Rauhalahti is 9 kilometres from the station.

Bus tickets and timetables




Vilkku buses serve all passengers in the Kuopio urban area and areas nearby. 

Vilkku bus timetables

By plane

Kuopio airport is located 14 kilometers from the Kuopio city. The flight from Helsinki-Vantaa airport is only less than hour, and flights daily to Kuopio. From Kuopio airport, you can take bus or taxi.  There are rental cars availables from the airport. Rauhalahti is 25 kilometres form the airport.

Kuopio airport flight connections

Kuopio airport

By car

The journey from Helsinki to Kuopio takes about five hours. 

Car rental




Rauhalahti Spa Hotel - all services nearby

The pleasant and comfortable rooms of the Spa Hotel are perfect for those who appreciate a carefree stay. The rooms are on four floors and about half of them have a balcony. All rooms are non-smoking and have parquet flooring. Pets are allowed in certain designated rooms.

Sales service (weekdays)
tel. +358 30 608 30
General tel. +358 30 608 3100
E-mail: myynti@rauhalahti.fi

You can choose a nice spa hotel room, a more spacious apartment or new studio.
All rates include  one night, breakfast buffet and free use of spa and gym.

Spa Hotel Rauhalahti

Main hotel building with restaurants, spa, gym.  Spa hotel rooms for 1-3 persons and family rooms for families (2 beds, extra bed and sleeping loft)

  • single room 77 €
  • twin room 104 €
  • triple room 141 €
  • family 115 € (max. 4 persons: 1-2 adults, children under 15 yrs)

Apartment Hotel
100 metres from Spa Hotel.  Apartments 32 m² have small bedroom (bank bed), living room with two beds.
Some apartments have own sauna. Superior apartments 67 m² have upstairs two bedrooms and alcove for one, downstairs kitchen, living room and own sauna. Apartments have their own parking place.

Apartments 32 m²

  • single use 104 €
  • apartment for two persons 110 €
  • apartment for three persons 150 €
  • apartment for four persons 180 €
  • apartment for a family 120 € (max. 4 persons: 1-2 adults, children under 15 yrs)
  • Apartment with sauna: exra cost 3 e / adult.

Superior apartments 67 m²

  • single use 182 €
  • superior for two persons 184 €
  • superior for three persons 234 €
  • superior for four persons 268 €
  • superior for a family 260 € (max. 4 persons: 1-2 adults, children under 15 yrs)

Studio Hotel

In February 2020 opened Studio Hotel 100 metres from Spa Hotel.

  • single use 118 €
  • studio for two persons 116 €
  • studio for three persons 159 €
  • studio for four persons 192 €
  • studio for a family 126 € (max. 4 persons: 1-2 adults, children under 15 yrs)

Visit Spa Hotel Rauhalahti website here

Scandic Hotel Kuopio

Scandic Kuopio

Satamakatu 1, 70100 Kuopio


Tel: +358 17 195 111

Price includes wifi, buffet breakfast, sauna, free use of swimming pool and a gym.

Take a look: www.scandichotels.fi