Start list

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Registration and Payment

Registration link and pricing tiers can be found through this link.

Bib Pick-up and Race Office at the spa hotel

Bibs are obtained by showing the QR code (see your email) or by name.

Pick up your bib NO LATER than 30 minutes before your start!

The race office is located at the spa hotel Rauhalahti in the Evening Restaurant (address: Katiskaniementie 8, 70700 Kuopio).

The race office is open:

Fri 6.9. at 3 pm - 8 pm Sat 7.9. at 7.30 am - 11.00 am

Bib Pick-up (groups)

Each member of the group picks up their own bib. The bib is obtained by showing the QR code (see your email) or by name.

Bib Pick-up (marathon relay)

The team leader (the one who registered the team) picks up the bibs for the entire relay team. The bibs are obtained by showing the QR code (see your email) or the team's name.

Invoicing for groups

Invoice generation is possible starting from August 27, 2024, through the registration system.

Race Bib

The race bib is personal and may not be transferred to another person. Attach the race bib to the front in a way that it is easily readable. Participation in the race is not allowed without the race bib. Access to the start and finish area is not granted without the race bib.

For medical emergencies: Write the name and phone number of a close relative on the back of the race bib, who can be contacted if necessary during the race.



At the Rauhalahti Tourist Center. Traffic control is in place at the area. Address: Rauhankatu 5 or check the location on Google Maps.

Changing Facilities

There is no separate area or building for changing clothes on site.

We recommend participants to arrive at the start area with their running clothes already on.

The WC and shower facilities at the Rauhalahti Tourist Center are available throughout the event.

Gear Storage

Do not leave valuables or fragile items in your bag or backpack. There is no separate storage for valuables at the event. Although gear storage is supervised throughout the race, we do not take responsibility for valuables storage. Gear storage is free and available on the event day, SATURDAY, September 7th, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Each race bib comes with a number for gear storage. Attach the gear storage number with a cable tie. You can collect your belongings only upon presentation of your race number.

Gear Drop-off Point: Near the start at Rauhalahti Tourist Center from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Gear Pickup Point: At the finish line at Rauhalahti Spa Hotel (race office) from 11 AM to 4:30 PM

The gear will be transported by the race organizers to the Iltaravintola at Rauhalahti Spa Hotel (race office), where they can be collected immediately after the race. Gear storage is also supervised on the side of the spa hotel. The event organizer is not responsible for damaged or lost items - so pack your gear carefully!

Route and Distances

Familiarize yourself with the route and refreshment stations: Description of the route

The marathon is run on a quarter-marathon route, which is completed in four laps. 1 lap = 10.55 km.

Participants in the 5 km race partially share the same route as the marathon route. 1 lap = 5 km. Not officially measured.

NOTE: The start and finish are in different areas.

Event Start: Rauhalahti Tourist Center

Event Finish: Rauhalahti Spa Hotel

  • Marathon = 4 laps
  • Half Marathon = 2 laps
  • Quarter Marathon = 1 lap

The route is marked with white chalk lines, barriers, cones, and kilometer signs. There are also traffic controllers along the route. Follow the signs and stay on the marked route. Also, pay attention to signs along the route.

Refreshment Stations, Personal Support, and Toilets

Familiarize yourself with the route, PERSONAL SUPPORT, and refreshment stations: Description of the route

Toilets are located at:

Rauhalahti Tourist Center Near the start, 4 portable toilets At the finish line, Rauhalahti Spa Hotel restroom facilities

Own drinks

Bring your personal hydration bottles to the announcer's tent near the start area. The bottles will be taken to the refreshment station after the start. Clearly mark your own water bottle (name and runner number).

Finish Area Refreshments

Olvi Teho Sport protein drink (0.3l) Olvi flavored mineral water (0.5l) Tuc biscuits Sports drink/water Banana

The sports drink at the refreshment stations is Dexal Light sports drink concentrate:


Ingredients: Invert sugar syrup, water, acidity regulator (citric acid), potassium and sodium citrate, maltodextrin, salt, magnesium carbonate, color (beta-carotene), preservatives (sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate), natural flavors (orange, grapefruit, lemon), sweetener (acesulfame K), potassium chloride.


We use the high-quality Ultimate Sport Service timing system. The timing chip is attached to your race bib. Do not remove the timing chip from the race bib. The race bib does not need to be returned.

The runner's start time is recorded when the runner crosses the timing mats at the start area. The runner's finish time is recorded when the runner crosses the timing mats at the finish area.

The organizer and timing service are not responsible for missing or incorrect times if the race number is attached contrary to the instructions.

Prizes will be awarded based on gross time. The event is run with mass starts.

Results and Live Tracking

Race participants can download and print a diploma of their race performance.

You can download the Ultimate app on your phone to track results in real-time. Access the live tracking through this link:

Google Play Store page

App Store page

In live tracking, the results are announced at:


  • 10.55 km
  • 21.1 km
  • 31.6 km
  • 42.195 km

Half Marathon

  • 10.55 km
  • 21.1 km

1/4 Marathon

  • 10.55 km

5 km


Downloading Participant Diploma

You can download your participant diploma from the results service website!

Go to the event results Select your name from the results page to open your result window Click "show diploma" under participant result details You can save the diploma for yourself!

First Aid

First aid is available at the start and finish areas. First aid may also be available along the route if needed.


If for any reason you need to withdraw, please inform the race officials. Transportation back to the event area can be arranged if needed from the aid stations.


Every participant who crosses the finish line receives a commemorative medal. The top three in each category are awarded. In the marathon relay, the top three teams are awarded.

Prizes are awarded based on gross time.

Please note that some prizes may be taxable income.

Prizes obtained from competitions are taxable income for the recipient when the prize is based on placement or performance. Similarly, other prizes obtained from sources other than public drawings are taxable income for the recipient. However, such competition prizes received by the recipient are tax-exempt if the total amount of prizes during the year does not exceed €100. Insignificant prizes and prize items such as trophies, medals, caps, candy bags, coffee packages, etc., are not taxable income.

Read more: / Taxation of Prizes

After race shower

At the Rauhalahti Tourist Center campground, shower facilities are available free of charge.

We recommend participants to use the washing facilities provided at their own accommodation.

Services at Rauhalahti Spa Hotel

Rauhalahti Spa Hotel's cafe, restaurant, and ScanBurger are open during the event!

Usage Rights for Event Photos and Videos

The event will be photographed by the organizers. The organizers have the right to use the photos and video recordings taken during the event. By participating in the event, you accept these terms.

Photos will be published on the event's social media channels and website after the event.


Participants are not insured by the race organizers. Each participant takes part in the event at their own risk.


To be updated closer to the event.

Changes, Transfers, and Cancellations

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