Event info

Completed, updated competition information will be sent to the competitors on Monday, August 28, 2023

Start list

To see start list, click here

Race office, number pick up

Race office is in Spa hotel Rauhalahti

Spa hotel Rauhalahti, address: Katiskaniementie 8, 70700 Kuopio

You can pick the number by showing QR-code (check out your e-mail) or by name.

BE PREPARED FOR TRAFFICKS We print each issue on the spot - this is how we reduce wastage!

You can pick up your number:

on Friday 1.9. from 15:00 to 20:00

on Saturday 2.9. from 7.30 to 11:00

Pick up your running number 30 min before your own start. We strongly recommend to pick up your race number on Friday!

Start and Finish

The START of the event is located in front of the tourist center Rauhalahti (at Kartanonkatu) 

FINISH is located in front of the spa hotel Rauhalahti (at Katiskaniementie)


The marathon is run on a quarter-marathon route. 1 lap = 10.55 km

Marathon = 4 laps

Half marathon = 2 laps

1/4 marathon = 1 lap

The route is marked with a white chalk line, fences, cones and kilometer signs. There is also a traffic controller along the route. Follow the signs and stay on the marked route. Also pay attention to the signs along the route.


The event is run as a mass start. The prize is distributed according to the gross time "gun time".

at 9:00 a.m

Marathon relay 4 x 10 km

at 11:00 a.m

Half marathon


at 11:30 a.m

10 km run

10 km walk (not timed)

Youth 10km run


Rewards from or as soon as the top three in the series finish

at 12:30 p.m

at 1:00 p.m

at 1:30 p.m

The award ceremony is in spa hotel Rauhalahti.


At 16:00

The finish line closes

Race number

The race number is personal and may not be passed on to another person. Attach the serial number to the front so that it is easy to read. You may not participate in a race without a race number. You cannot enter the start and finish area without a run number.

Drink service and toilet

Drinking points are located about 3 km apart

  1. Sawohouse sports drink/water
  2. K-Rauta sports drink/water
  3. Särkiniemi School sports drink/water
  4. Lap maintenance before the start + OWN DRINKS /sports drink/water

At finish

  • Olvi Teho Sport protein drink (0.3l)
  • Olvi sparkling water (0.5l)
  • Tuc cookie
  • Banana Sports 

We use DEXAL Light sports drink

Toilets and hand washing facilities

Toilers in Travel center in Rauhalahti,

Toilers in near the start

The toilets of the Rauhalahti spa hotel in finish


Tourist center in Rauhalahti. There is traffic control in the area. Address: Rauhankatu 5

Change of clothes

The WC and shower facilities in the Tourist Center Rauhalahti area are in use during the event. 

We recommend participants to arrive at the start area with their running clothes already on.

Equipment storage

Do not leave valuables or breakables in your bag or backpack. There is no separate storage of valuables at the event. Although the storage of the equipment is monitored throughout the race, we are not responsible for the storage of valuables. Equipment storage is free of charge and is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m

In connection with the race number, there is a number for equipment storage. Secure the number with a tie. You can pick up your stuff only against the race number.

Equipment drop-off point: Near the start, the tourist center in Rauhalahti from 8:30 to 11:30

Equipment pick-up point: At finish in spa hotel Rauhalahti (to the competition office) from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The equipment will be transported by the organizer to the race office of the spa hotel Rauhalahti, where they can be picked up right after the race.

The event organizer is not responsible for broken or lost goods.

Event shirt

Event shirts are sold at the competition office for €25/pc. The event shirt is not included in the participation price.

Brand: Craft. Sizes: men's: M, L, XL and women's: S, M, L. Color: dark. blue and red


We have a high-quality Ultimate Sport Service timing system. The timing chip is attached to your running number. Do not tear the timing chip away from the running number. The run number does not need to be returned.

The Runner's Start Time is registered when the Runner exceeds the stopwatch sensors in the start area.

The runner's finish time is registered when the runner crosses the finish zone timing sensors.

Results and live tracking

You can access live monitoring via this link

In live monitoring, the results are announced:


  • 10.55 km
  • 21.1 km
  • 31.6 km
  • 42.195 km FINISH

Half marathon

  • 10.55 km
  • 21.1 km FINISH

10 km run

  • 10.55 km FINISH

You can download Ultimate's app to your phone, where you can follow the results in real time

Google Play

App Store


Each participant will receive a medal at the finish. There are prizes for the top three in the series.  Prizes are distributed according to gross time.

Intersport Kuopio delivers new running shoes to the winner of each series! 

Models to choose from: HOKA Clifton 9, BROOKS Ghost 15. NEW BALANCE FF 880V13 (color options cannot be affected) Prize shoes can be picked up at the Intersport Kuopio store after the event. If the winner cannot pick up the shoes from the Intersport Kuopio store, the prize shoes can be sent for postage.

Intersport Kuopio (Haapaniemenkatu 32, 70110 Kuopio)

0102093930, kuopio@intersport.fi

Prizes received from competitions are the recipient's taxable income, when the prize has been received on the basis of placement or performance. Similarly, the various prizes received from other than public raffles are taxable earnings of the prize recipient. However, such competition prizes received by the income earner are tax-free if the total amount of prizes during the year does not exceed 100 euros. Insignificant prize items and merchandise prizes such as trophies, medals, caps, candy bags, coffee packets, etc. are not taxable income.

Access to images and videos from the event

The event will be filmed by the organizers. The organizer has free access to the pictures and video recordings taken during the event. By participating in the event, you accept the terms.

First aid

First aid is available at the start and finish. First aid is also available along the route if needed.

Downloading the participant diploma

You can download your participant diploma!

  • Go to event results
  • On the results page, select your name, from which your results window will pop up
  • In the participant's result information section, click "show diploma"
  • You can save the diploma for yourself!


Participants are not insured by the race organizer. Everyone participates in the event at their own risk.


Please note that the participation price does not include meals. There is no catering provided by the organizer.


We recommend the participant to use the washing facilities of their own accommodation.

You can use shower at tourist center Rauhalahti (at Kartanonkatu) 

Spa visit for Rauhalahti participants at an advance price of €8 (normally €16).