Main info

Warm up

A guided warm-up will be held half an hour before the start.

First Aid and interruptions

A first-aid crew patrols the route on motorbikes, and you can also seek medical aid from the first-aid center near the starting line. If for some reason you must interrupt your race, please inform the organizers. Transport back to the starting line can be arranged from any maintenance point along the route.

Own refreshments

Participants may bring their own refreshments that they wish to be provided with during the race by placing them in the supply boxes before 08:00am.

Tag your bottles with your name, participation number and the point in the race where you would like to have your refreshment placed for you (the nearest maintenance point along the route to the spot where you would like your refreshment placed). Every maintenance point along the route has a box for the participants own refreshments.

Age limits

The Rauhalahti Kuopio Marathon has no age limit, but remember that the event is  very crowded and children may become lost easily along the route. Participation of minors is under parental advisory and responsibility.


Both marathon events have instructors called rabbits, who participants may follow instructions from in order to maintain a steady running pace.

The Rabbits each maintain a pace that should result in beginner-friendly times: 1.45hr, 2.00hr or 2.15 hour rabbits for the half-marathon, 4.00hr and 4.30hr for the full marathon.

The rabbits are introduced during the start of the race, and are highly recognizeable during the race thanks to their costumes.


After the half-and full marathons five overall best times are awarded as well as three best from each age series. Three best from all series are awarded after the 10 km race.

Lockers and storage

Lockers for storing equipment and other items during the event are provided in the Rauhalahti. The locker area is guarded and you may retrieve your items from the area only with a number matching your locker. The organization is not responsible for the loss of items resulting from misuse or missing tickets.